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Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. Henry Ford

What We Do

G-WAN is committed to unleash the power of modern CPU architectures and distributed topologies by providing the required infrastructure and tools needed to transparently reach the highest levels of security and efficiency – from data centers to mobile devices.

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G-WAN leverages people's know-how, I.P. rights and hardware assets with 'under-the-hood' technologies without requiring users to buy or learn anything new.

In short, we make software work as usual – just much safer and faster – to optimize the costs of SaaS and Clouds while widening the range of the possible.

Who We Are


P. Gauthier


G-WAN was founded in 2007 by Pierre, an engineer who started coding in asm at 11 (1979) and was hired in 1992 by Software Publishing Corp (Nasdaq: SPCO) created by 3 HP employees.

At the time SPC was 5th worldwide with Superbase, Pro-Write+, Harvard Draw, Harvard Charts, Harvard Graphics, etc.

In 1998, Pierre founded TWD Industries AG. Four years later, it counted 126 resellers and over 10 millions of licenses used in 138 countries. Just after the dot-com crash Summit Partners approached TWD to offer "liquidity for founders".

With a capable engineer as the CEO, a company has a chance to know where unique value resides: G-WAN Global-WAN, on-demand private Cloud services protected by post-quantum security (PQE).

Leadership is easy to spot: the next best ones are lagging – far behind.


F. de Baets


Legal Counsel – Frédéric is a seasonned Lawyer, specialized in Economic & Business Law, and Competition Law.

Having served around the world, Frédéric has developed a strong first-hand experience and contacts in a diversified pool of financial, industrial and commercial activities on four continents.

Long-term advisor of TWD, Frédéric is the kind of person that makes his job as enjoyable as possible.

Frédéric enjoys paragliding and computers, is an accomplished Karateka and has participed in a humanitarian convoy in Eastern Europe.

As time is flying when one needs it most – better be prepared.


G-WAN users and developers can exchange tips and code examples on stack overflow.

Support and Contact

TWD Industries AG
Paradiesli 17
8842 Unteriberg
(45 minutes from Zurich)
cοntact [at] gwan.cοm
Tel. +41 (0)55 414 20 93


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